About COCO Girl

Enter a world of glamour and luxury.
Create fabulous Looks for you Coco Girl. Shop at the trendiest stores, you will find the hot items you’ve always dreamed of!
Share your Looks with your friends and have a blast rating theirs at Fashion Expert. Play super fun games at Coco Carnival so you can win tickets to keep on doing what you love the most: Shopping!


  • Create fabulous Looks and submit them every day for a month to get an incredible Perfect Attandance bonus.
  • Earn lots of Rubies by rating Looks in Fashion Expert.
  • Visit your friends, take a look at their wardrobes and help them by picking up their laundry.
  • Buy clothes from other players -and sell your own- at the Coco Market.
  • Visit the Coco Shops regularly, you'll find new items all the time!